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A complete health and wellness facility geared towards improving the life of our patients.

Our main goal is your long-term health and wellness, not just a cover up for the pain. We will reveal the importance of exercise, diet, and nutrition. Don’t wait to start living a healthier life, come in today and see one of our fantastic doctors.

During an auto accident, your neck and spine go thought extreme trauma which can cause a great deal of discomfort and pain. Our Chiropractors are experienced in treating auto accident patients with advanced treatments of myofascial release, exercise rehab and chiropractic adjustments. Taking pain pills will not heal your inflamed ligaments or tendons, muscle relaxers can’t repair torn muscles, and cervical collars won’t adjust your forward spinal curve. No matter how serious the accident, it is essential that you receive an immediate chiropractic examination from one of our doctors.


Being injured in the work place can be devastating not only physically but financially as well because of hours missed. If you are injured on the job, you should be covered by your employer’s Worker’s Compensation insurance. The doctors at SHP are some of the best in their profession at helping work injury patients recover from their injuries and getting them back optimal health.

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We have an extensive track record of treating high caliber athletes and helping their bodies preform at the highest efficiency possible. With Chiropractic care, athletes are able to outlast their competition and encounter fewer injuries due to mobility restrictions.


Even the most minor slip or fall can cause many spinal related issues. The slightest fall can cause a subluxation, which is the misalignment of the vertebrae causing a nerve to be pinched. Click here to see connections between your spine and nervous system.


No matter what your insurance situation is or who your provider is, We will take off most of the pressures due to dealing with insurance companies. Learn More



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To allow the body to naturally heal itself and relieve pain, we must remove the pressure off the nerve. An adjustment is a series of motions that gradually moves your spine back in alignment and away from the nerve. Click here to see connections between your spine and nervous system.


Each patient is different, that is why our fantastic group of doctors take their time properly examining each individual. After each patient is examined, our doctors will develop a specific treatment plan to ensure the patient is the proper treatment to stay out of pain.


Often the injuries our doctors treat involve some degree of muscle damage. Our staff is trained in manipulating the deep layers of muscle and connective tissue through many techniques to help increase the patients overall well being.


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In order to help complement the doctors adjustments, we will often include other therapies such as electric stimulation, spinal decompression, and cold laser therapy to expedite the healing process.

We have an amazing group of doctors and chiropractic assistants with an abundance of experience in designing specific exercise to help optimize your treatment plan and recovery.

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