The first visit is all about YOU!

Whenever you visit any SHP clinic, you will receive top quality and speedy service. We ensure that on your first visit you will not be here longer than one hour. Unlike many other health care facilities, we honor you appointment time and will make your time at any one of our locations as enjoyable as possible.

Our main focus is your health and overall wellbeing. Our top of the line doctors want to know everything about your conditions so they can help better educate you on what is actually happening during each visit. We want all the information we can get from our patients so we can provide them with the personal care they deserve so we can get them preforming at their highest level.

During your first visit, your doctor will do their initial examination and x-ray. Before your next visit, your doctor will have studied the results found from your initial exam and will have a treatment plan that specifically fits you.

On your second visit, your doctor will provide you with a report of findings. This report is a summary of the results found on your initial visit. If the doctor finds your condition is something we cannot treat, we will refer you over to a trusted doctor that can help. If we can help, your doctor will provide you with your treatment plan and clearly explain what issues were found and how we will be treating them. We will never begin any treatments or further steps until you are educated on what steps are needed to help you maximize your health and agree with the report of findings.



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