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Dan Wood - Friday, January 03, 2014

Many people with neck pain, back pain, or headaches solve their problem with taking different types of painkillers. Little do they know, painkillers don't actually correct the root problem but just mask the underlying issue.

Taking painkillers such as ibuprofen and aspirin suppress inflammation and local immune responses, which are essential for wound healing.

When a person is experiencing pain, it is typically a last effort by the body to tell you there is something wrong. 

Studies show that test subjects who use painkillers experience pain or discomfort more often than subjects who receive chiropractic care. This is because most of the time dysfunction lies in the spine. (vertebral subluxation)

Vertebral subluxations are liked to many disorders, including back pain, headaches, carpel tunnel syndrome, infantile colic, and many others

These disorders cannot be fixed by taking painkillers! Spinal Health Professionals in Bemidji, MN is your one stop shop for pain relief center. Providing Chiropractic care, Massage therapy and Exercise rehab.